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Templeplates for beginners only/Read Me - ladygaga - 06-16-2010 09:16 AM

Ok here we go,just follow these steps and you will find it very simple to install..

1.Go to Admin cp

2.Then go to Templeplates and style

3.Create new theme

4.Name the theme as to whatever e.g Afreh-sun,then press create new theme..

5.Go back into themes edit the theme that you created

6.Hit on global.css you will see "Edit Stylesheet: Advanced Mode" on the right..Hit advanced mode

7.Then whichever one you copied here you will paste it into the big box over-riding the original text..Then save changes

8.Now go back to templeplates,go to options to the one you just created,press it then set as default..

9.Go back to your forum and you will see the changes..cheers

Remembering use your own logo

ps. I'm still working on the buttons

Now for the Templeplates