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how to hide files inside a picture (no special program needed)
06-06-2010, 03:40 PM
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how to hide files inside a picture (no special program needed)
Hey there everyone!

Just thought I'd write a little tutorial to show people how its possible to hide files within a picture file (especially png and jpeg files) and all you'll need is a program like WinRAR.

Firstly you'll need to find two things: the first is a picture that you'll use to hide your file in, the second is the actual file you want to hide.

Put both in the same folder, open a command prompt and navigate there.

Once there you'll need to put your file that you want to hide inside a zip file (rar or zip will work just fine, put a password or whatever if you want too). After this type the following into the command prompt:

copy /b display.png + secret_message.rar fake.png

where display.png is the picture in which you want to hide the file, secret_message.rar is the file you want to hide and fake.png is the file name that you want the result to be created as.

After this is done open the newly created image file in your paint package and verify that it opens correctly. To see the hidden file all you need to do is open it in your favorite compression program and your done! One hidden file that can be uploaded to image sites and so forth.

As I said you can also put a password on the rar hidden rar file in order to add extra protection.

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