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H.264/x.264, MP4/MKV, Just a quick post on how to play those H.264/x.264 files.
06-06-2010, 03:45 PM
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H.264/x.264, MP4/MKV, Just a quick post on how to play those H.264/x.264 files.
I post this very small and simple way to get those MP4/MKV or other h.264 files to play on your computer.
I know it is quite basic and that the same info is available elsewhere but I had to post this for linking purposes, and it might still help someone.

The new version of the FFDShow codec can play almost anything, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED : Its install should configure everything correctly (hopefully)

I just stared using it so i'm not sure about speed and quality (compare to other decoder) but it seems pretty good.


the fastest (supposed to be) decoder for h.264 is the coreavc codec :
(v1.3 tested) or
(v1.5 tested, add to manually install codec file, install did not work)

It is particularly usefull on old system, i was able to watch Lost in 720p encoded in h264 on my 4 years old amd 2500+, and audio was in sync, and cpu usage not maxed out.

get media player classic :

(For coreAVC ONLY, ffdshow sould be configured from its install) go in Media Player Classic go in external filters, then add, select CoreAvc Video Decoder, and set it to prefer.
(if you don't have it, you can get an h.264 decoder from other software you already must have : Nero h.264 decoder, cyberlink h.264 decoder (powerdvd) and others...)


if your file is in mkv format (should be supported in latest ffdshow)
get an mkv parser :
in media player classic option's, go in Internal filters and deactivate matroka.


if your file has Ogg Vorbis Audio (should be supported in latest ffdshow)
get OggVorbis Codecs :


or just use vlc player :
(might give different result for different system.... and for different files... but it should open almost anything without having to mess with codecs)

Hope this helps
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