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easy ram defrag. increase your pc speed
06-07-2010, 12:14 PM
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easy ram defrag. increase your pc speed
When you run a big program like a game it use a lot of memory.
Now when you close this ram eater software, it left some unuse memory
behind.(fragmented ram).There is some software to do this but whit a simple sript you can do a cleaning of it and it will increase your pc speed if you got a lot or a big program that you just close.
And if you don't really know how to manage your registery,for sure it will increase your speed

so first, open a .txt document

"clic right on the desktop,select new and text document.

2nd step write mystring=(8000000)

3rd step save as freemem.vbe in you c:/drive

"go to file/save as.../mycomputer/c: write freemem.vbe and save"

Now just go clik the script and that s it

Note:this don't work on VISTA.You ll get an error if you try

Note 2:if you have 2gig of ram or more,it will work but you probably don't gonna see the effect
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